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Cotton Candy Machine (Dedicated 20 AMP Circuit Required)

Cotton Candy Machine (Dedicated 20 AMP Circuit Required)

    • Outlets: Special Electrical Requirements: HIGH AMPERAGE MACHINE

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Cotton Candy Machines are available only with inflatable rentals. 

Machine rental includes 0ne box of pink vanilla cotton candy mix and 70 paper cones.

  • Electrical Issues can cause the machine to malfunction
  • This machine requires approximately 13 AMPS!!!!!!!
  • A standard outlet within 25 feet of the setup area is required
  • Nothing else can be plugged in on the same circuit
  • If the machine spins and candy is not producing, the electrical service is inadequate
  • The machine has been tested.  It is the electrical service causing the problem
  • Call our office immediately if the machine will not produce cotton candy.